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Pablo Mathiason


This is me in 1986.  I'm pretty much the same guy.  I love music, respect musicians and have over 25 years in the music business. 

I have on hand experience in A&R, Social Media, Marketing, Music Publishing, Music Clearances, Music Supervision, Touring and Merchandising.

I worked as an A&R representative for Columbia Records, Jive Records and Starbucks Entertainment.  I was an executive for Chrysalis Music and Zomba Music Publishing and have managed touring bands and artists for over 30 years.

My hands on experience is what I can assist with and bring to the table.  Staying current and pivoting with the ever changing music industry is what adds to the value of "old school" record marketing by moving forward with the times and being able to master the fast paced marketplace.

My rep is everything.  I don't take on stuff I don't think I can help.  Your money should be spent wisely.

In the wise words of Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest:


"Industry rule number four thousand and eighty
Record company people are shady"

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