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Artist Management

Civilized Artist Management and Consulting works with artists to achieve realistic goals.  You want hard work, creative ideas, out of the box approach and execution, i'm your guy.  Transperancy is my business.  Obtainable goals, step by step.  It's a marathon, not a sprint.


I'm a fixer.  Chances are in the music business, you will meet a lot of people that promise you things and never deliver.  They take you for your money and leave you wondering what the fuck just happened.

That's not me.  

I get called in to fix these situations and help you avoid them. 

I can help you develop your brand.  Market and come up with a plan and execute it.  All transparent and accountable.  

My word is my bond.  Do a background check!

Social Media Management

This is such an important space now.  If you don't have a plan, know your audience and and know how to talk to them and engage, you are in trouble.

Not every artist reaches the same demographic, so don't choose "Social Media Plan A" or "Social Media Plan B" because they worked for Justin Bieber.

Artists are snowflakes.  You all look the same coming down from the sky, but you are all different.  So is your target audience.

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